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Imphal, May 29 (ANI): Ambassador of Japan to India, Takeshi Yagi along with Australian High Commissioner to India, Patrick Suckling visited Imphal to attend the 71st anniversary of Battle of Imphal. The commemoration programme was observed at Maibam Lotpa Ching, also known as Red Hill, and was organised by Manipur tourism forum along with Second World War Imphal Campaign Foundation. The Battle of Imphal took place in 1944 in regions around the city of Imphal, from March until July, when Japanese troops poured over the border to strike at India. Fought over a vast area of jungle and mountain, it was marked by vicious hand-to-hand fighting. Lieutenant General William Slim's army of British, Indian, Gurkha and African troops fought in horrendous jungle conditions, turning the tide against the Japanese army in World War II. Meanwhile, Suckling said it's an honour to be called for the anniversary programme of a historic battle. Both Yagi and Suckling paid their respects to the fallen soldiers at Commonwealth War Grave Centre (CWGC) Imphal War Cemetery.

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