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World Tourism Day 2013 - Competition

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Manipur Tourism Forum will be celebrating Tourism Day on 27th Sep 2013. As a part of the celebration MTF will be organizing competition and certain activities at the Loktak Lake surrounding Area
1. Photography Competition
2. Local Boat Racing
3. Water Adventure Activities

1. Photography Competition:
In connection with the celebration of world Tourism day "Tourism & Water: Protecting our common Future", Manipur Tourism Forum is holding a photography competition with the Theme of world tourism day 2013 "Tourism & Water: Protecting our common Future"

The Category for the photography completion is ""Tourism & Water: Protecting our common Future"" Photographs that reflect the beauty of Manipur in releation with water will be considered for the awards.

Submission Process for the competition:
• Submit your Entry through Email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
• A Morph/copy of Photo with size [pixel: 1200*800 or more]
• A copy of the photo in its original format [as take through the camera] with the following details
oPhone No:
oContact Email:
oShort Description of the Photograph
oBrief Profile of Photographer:
• 1 : Participant will only submit one Photo
• 2 : Photo must has not been published in any form of Media
• 3 : Photo must related with Manipur only
• 4 : Participant must submit raw photo not less a pixel of 1200 * 800
• 5 : Photo must not be manipulated with any software in any form/process, only resizing of the Photo is allowed
Last Date of submission: 25th Sep 2013
Expert panel will be the Judge for the competition; the result will be announced in Local Newspaper.
Copyright Policy of the Photo: A participant agrees that the photo submitted for the competition can be utilised by The Manipur tourism forum for promotion activity of Manipur tourism Forum. The participant agrees that Manipur tourism forum have the Right to use the Photo or reproduce the photo in any form of media for its promotional activity.

2. Local Boat Racing : For Local Boat racing competition Please contact the Office of Bishupur District Canoeing and Kayaking Association.

Application form can be collected from the office of The "Bishupur District Canoeing and Kayaking Association". There competition will of two type:-

1. Single Local Boat Racing

2. Group Local Boat Racing

The application can entry for both category, the last date for entry is 25th Sep 2013

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