Battle of Sangshak commemorated

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Manipur Tourism Forum in association with 2nd World War Imphal Campaign Foundation observed the 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of Imphal at Sangshak village in Ukhrul district on Wednesday.

The occasion was attended by 2nd World War Veteran, A Shishak as the chief guest; Executive Member of 70th Anniversary of Battle of Imphal World War II, Hemant Katoch as president; Chief of Sangshak Village, Nguelikmi; Pastor of Sangshak Village, T Isou  as guests of honour and reporter of NHK Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, Yoda as special invitee.

Speaking at the occasion, Hemant Katoch stated that the battle of Sangshak (March 21-24) 1944 was the very first battle of World War II fought on the Indian soil between the Imperial Japanese Army and the Allied Force. The 50th Para Brigade led by Brigadier Hope Thomson held the garrison at Sangshak for a week against the strong 15th and 31st Japanese Army columns until they are ordered to withdraw back to Imphal valley. The 2nd and 3rd Guerrilla Regiment of the Indian National Army fought along with the Imperial Japanese Army. The stand at Sangshak provided the Allied Force valuable time to airlift the 5th Division from Arakan for the final defence of Imphal valley.

Yoda stated that the Battle of Imphal has a big significance also in Japan and it was studied at school and college level in the country. The Japanese people want to visit the place and investigate the reality but they are unable to do it due to some restrictions. He was happy to be here and learn more about the reality.

A Japanese memorial was also unveiled in the occasion.


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