Battle of Motbung commemoration

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KANGPOKPI, June 7: “Motbung, a tiny village in the state Manipur is significantly a beautiful and eco-friendly place and the people resemble us in looks and they are friendly too,” said Tatsuo Nasimoto, secretary general, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industries in India before adding that the Battle of Motbung in World War II is regrettable.

Tatsuo Nasimoto was addressing the mass to commemorate the anniversary ceremony of the “Battle of Motbung” of the World War II today.

The ceremony was jointly organised by the Manipur Tourism Forum and Second World War Imphal Campaign Foundation at LS Playground, Motbung, situated some 30 Km from the state capital Imphal along the Asian Highway 1.

It has been 70 years back that the Battle of Motbung took place in the year 1944 which caused a mass destruction and human tragedies.

Indeed, it is very regrettable, noted Tatsuo Nasimoto, who attended the occasion as guest of honour while drawing the attention of the people to struggle for peace and harmony and stop war.

Japan is committed to support India more and more, year by year added the secretary general, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, India.

The Battle of Motbung was basically to take control of the National Highway passing through this tiny village pointed out A Angamba Singh, co-convenor of the organising committee of the 70th Anniversary of Battle of Imphal(World War II).

Dr Kh Palin, member of the organising committee who attended the occasion as functional president in his speech emphasised on the significance of Motbung, and said that the Governments of India, Manipur and Japan as well will be interested in making Motbung a tourism destination which is of high importance for the people.

SL Lamthang, chairman of Motbung Village Authority noted that Motbung is indeed a significant place even before the great World War II that the government as well as the people of Manipur should not forget.

Commerce and Industries minister, Govindas Konthoujam, who also holds the Seri and Vety & AH portfolio while paying homage to the departed souls of one of the greatest events of the world said that the commemoration of the Seventieth Anniversary of the World War II, which is initiated by the Second World War Imphal Campaign Foundation and the Manipur Tourism Forum, supported by Government of Manipur has a global significance.

He continued in his three page message that the three month long commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of WW-II, which started on March 23 and scheduled to conclude on June 28, 2014 has reminded all, of the importance of the tiny Manipur state, which hosted thousands of people from all over the world during the World War II.

Paying homage to all soldiers from Japan, the Great Britain, the United States, etc. and rest of India who died in Manipur during the battle of Imphal and Kohima as well Govindas Konthoujam asserted that it is the duty and responsibility of the people of Manipur to plan accordingly by finding important locations, remnants of the war and other paraphernalia, which will be a component of the pilgrimage for many foreign visitors, war historians and academicians.

Manipur is drawing attention of the lakhs of relatives of war veterans, scholars and war historians which give the state a rare opportunity to raise it’s profile nationally and internationally as a Second World War Tourism destination added the state Commerce and Industries Minister.

The Minister also said that it is of great significant for us to educate the people of our state as visitors from various foreign countries will be coming to revisit history while adding that cleanliness, hospitality and most importantly preserving the sites must be on top priority.

While appealing the visitors to be the ambassador of Manipur to all their families and relatives while conveying the humble hospitality, minister Govindas Konthoujam wish all the visitors from foreign countries to carry home a sweet and renewed memory from the state for a fresh friendship of love and affection.

Okihiri Katsuja, CDM of Sumi Moto Corporation and Yamasita Koji of Sumi Moto Corporation also attended the anniversary ceremony of the Battle of Motbung as guests of honour.

An aged Paokai Lhouvum who is said to have been presented an aluminium water carrier at Phoibi village by Japanese soldier on their returned from Kohima after they were defeated in the battle by the British and its allied force donated the water carrier to the organising committee.

Similarly, one Haosat Singsit and Pastor Thangkholun Haokip also donated such water carriers of the Japanese soldier to the organising committee during the function.

The Japanese guests touch the water carrier in their hands and were visibly happy to see and feel the tiny water carrier used by the Japanese soldiers some 70 years ago.

War veteran family and relatives, village chiefs, leaders of various civil bodies, students from various educational institutions also attended the occasion.


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