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Application are invited for Candidate to participate in IRIS program 2020

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Manipur Tourism forum will be Selecting 13 Prominent Participants, in Consultation with Manipur State Government and other concerned parties such as Indo-Japan Friendship Association, to take part in the Third IRIS Program 2020.

Application are invited for Candidate to IRIS program 2020. Intending Candidate can download the Application form from the link given below and submit the application through email.

Details of Email are given below

Email Id: manipurtourismforum@gmail

Subject must be: APPLICATION for IRIS 2020

Last Date of Submission: 20th Nov 2019

Brief Note on IRIS PROGRAM

The third edition of Irish program details are as follows :
The projects is being conducted as a part of Japan-china International Solidarity Projects on Afforestation and Tree Plantation(*1 below). India will be invited to japan to learn about the environment and disaster prevention in japan. During the stay the participant will visit Tokyo and local regions.

*1. the Japan-China International Solidarity on afforestation and tree plantation is a program to invite youth from china and other countries and regions to japan to attend  afforestation activities and seminars on the environments and disaster prevention, observe business and related institution, build awareness and knowledge of disaster risk among participants and promote understating and friendship toward japan.

Outline of the Program
1. Period of Program: 1st Feb- 8th Feb 2020(Period of stay in Japan)
2. Total Participants: 50 persons
3. Schedule and Content : To visit Tokyo and local region for 7 Nights and 8 days to participate in the program on disaster risk reduction, Environment and aimed at deepening understanding towards Japan

Precondition for Applicants:

  1. Applicant must be in Good Health condition
  2. Applicant must be visiting Japan  for the first time
  3. Applicant must have a Valid Indian Passport and must be a domicile of Manipur
  4. Applicant must be Less than 40 years of Age
  5. Applicant must Understand the aim of the Japan-China International Solidarity on afforestation and tree plantation


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