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Result - World tourism Day 2012 Photography competition

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20 0CT 2012/Imphal: The result for the World tourism Day 2012 Photography competition are declared and the final Selection was done by two experts in the presence of President, Vice-President and Treasurer of Manipur Tourism Forum on 18th October 2012.

Here are the Final Results:

1st Prize: Lukram Bedamala Devi
2nd Prize: Rashingam Ngoruh
3rd Prize: Robert Moirangthem

Consolation prize

>Shijagurumayum Deepak

The Distribution of the Prizes will be communicated to our competition winners.

The details of the photos selected are as follow

1st Prize- Holi Festival at Govindajee Temple 2012

Photographer Name: Lukram Bedamala Devi
Address: Uripok Naoremthong bazaar
Short Description of the Photograph : Holi Festival at Govindajee Temple 2012
Brief Profile of Photographer: I love nature and landscape photography

2nd Prize - Among the Blues and the Greens. Life is Beautiful "The shirui Hills "

Photographer Name: Rashingam Ngoruh
Address: Japhou Bazar Chandel District
Short Description of the Photograph: Caption : Among the Blues and the Greens. Life is Beautiful "The shirui Hills " It took my breath away when i landed on top of the shirui hill, hours of sweating and climbing does not matter at all. Its just perfect. Definitely One of the pride of manipur .!!
Brief Profile of Photographer: After Graduation from Delhi University SGTB Khalsa coll. and while engaging myself with the corporate world, my passion for photography which I started long ago came back when my Dearest friend gifted me with a camera, since then it has been a journey which I passionately enjoy every moment. Having grown up right from the bosom of Mother Nature in the midst of the beautiful hills and valleys in the northeastern state of Manipur, I have always been a great lover of nature, people, and places with a passion to capture its beauty through photography. To me photography is a way to capture a moment in time which you cherish for the rest of your life.

3rd Prize - Andro Museum, Andro

Photographer Name: Robert Moirangthem
Address:Kwakeithel Soibam Leikai, Imphal
Photo taken at Andro Museum, Andro
Profile : Officer Trainee, Indian Audit & Accounts Service

Consolation Prize - View of Sunset At Loktak Lake

Short Description of the Photograph : The photograph was taken in the evening of 7th November 2011 from Phoubakchao (nearing Komlakhong) area in the in the eastern cost of the Loktak Lake.  The view is as seen from the eastern side onlooking the sunset. The area has no dry foothold as in the western side, and I have to walk on floating pieces of phumdi to get this shot. The idea of the photograph is to portray the alternative angle to view the lake and also to stray away from the conventional angles from which numerous numbers of photographs of the lake are taken.  Moreover, I would also like to portray a different mood through the use of the falling lights of the evening.
CAPTION : Destination Manipur : View of Sunset At Loktak Lake
Brief Profile of the Photographer : Into the photography business since early childhood assisting my father who was a professional photographer running a studio in Imphal, Manipur. Medium format cameras (Rolleiflex, Richomatic, Yashica - Twin Lens Reflex cameras were in vogue with black & white 120mm roll films and then colour roll films gradually.  Soon 35 mm SLR cameras were used. Today, digital medium completely took over with a little bit of film photography time to time. Since I was into the business, general photography was the order of the day like portraiture, group photos, product shots, events, functions, ceremonies, wedding, children, macros, outdoor assignments, interiors, copying, studio photography, etc.
In the meantime, in 1990, got a job in the Central Government of India, Ministry of MSME. Thus, I have to manage my time to devote to two jobs, which surprisingly, I am enjoying. However, real passion for photography lies in  landscapes, nature, abstracts, portraiture, street, documentation and photojournalism. Really enjoy action photography, low light photography, long exposures, panoramas and HDR. (Corresponding indoor activities include drawing, painting, animation, desk top publishing, printing, composing, reading, correspondence, films & music, playing guitar; and outdoor activities include motorcycling, growing bonsai, trekking, camping, climbing & traveling).
I am now running a photo studio-cum-institute taking job works and also teaching basics of photography.

Consolation Prize - A view of Barak river,

Photographer Name: Shijagurumayum Deepak
Address: Singjamei Thongam Leikai, Near Sroy Club Imphal West 795001
Short Description of the Photograph:   A view of Barak river, which it took a 30 min boat ride from Bamgaijang Vilage in Tamenglong district to reach this paradise. A place in its pristine beauty uncorrupted by civilisation. I had a mixed feelings of emotions at my first glance, a feeling of ecstasy getting the chance to see this sublime beauty and another of the feeling of wanting to share it with the people of my state and others.
I couldn't imagine dying without seeing this beautiful place and I believe this feeling will be felt equally by others who will get to see it some day and hopefully with the development of tourism industry in the state.
Brief Profile of Photographer: Freelance photographer.

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